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The company invests in a portfolio of activities around market development and beneficiation, supporting the South African jewellery sector is one example of Anglo American’s commitment to local beneficiation of Platinum and the development of global demand for the metal. In building capacity within the jewellery sector, the company supports a number of training institutions, affording students the opportunity to work with platinum and to discover the exceptional qualities of the metal and the unique characteristics that make it the metal of choice. They also support manufacturers through a platinum financing scheme.

In addition to jewellery, Anglo American Platinum invests in new and emerging sectors of future demand to ensure growth and the creation of new jobs in South Africa.; These initiatives range from University research projects at five universities to commercializing exciting new products such as fuel cell powered locomotives and dozers for use in the mines. The Anglo American Platinum equity fund seeks to incubate emerging companies focused on developing exciting new applications for Platinum.

As the world leader in platinum mining, Anglo American Platinum is committed to job creation through adding value to South Africa’s minerals.  Did you know it takes ten tonnes of mined ore to produce just one ounce of platinum? One ounce of platinum equates to approximately five wedding bands!